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   Bohemia AG  

Harold’s Coffee   

 ArtX Group Exhibition

Marjorie S. Fisher Gallery at Center for Creative Education

Artist Andy E. Pereira presents new works in the exhibition "The End of the Monkey". At the Bohemïa AG Gallery in the City of West Palm Beach, on January 27th 2017. from 7:pm to 10:pm.

Bohemïa AG
536 Northwood road.
West Palm Beach, fl.

(561)302- 5568

The Gallery at CCE

Northwood Village

425 24th Street

West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Contact: Jonanthon Ortiz-Smykla



One World, Two Visions: Fine Art Photography by Bebe Pickering and Seth Resnick

Opening Reception

January 7, 2017


Gallery Hours

10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday

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