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Grant for Artist Program

2020 has brought an unexpected shift in the world for everyone. We are particularly concerned about the artist and the world for their creativity.


Artists have lost income, exhibits and exposure as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to cancelled performances, exhibitions, commissions, teaching jobs, workshops, speaking forums and etc.


The Art Altruist and Art Synergy of Palm Beach County are pleased to launch a joint initiative in 2020 with two art auctions to help working artists survive the impact of COVID-19 and in recognition of the contributions of Fine Art and its impact on cultural life.


The Art Altruist/Art Synergy Fund is making available funds to support the artist in these trying unpredictable times. The grant funds are unrestricted and may be used by artists to help with financial issues they are facing as a result of the impact of this pandemic, such as rent, utilities, medical costs, insurance, food, etc. Our mission is to foster a productive environment and a hand up in the crisis, so that artists can continue to create, show and sell their work.


The grant program makes available unrestricted funds for Artist.
The grant program eligibility is listed below in this document.
The grant program is immediately open for application.

A Completed Grant Package will include 1) the application and 2) the required documents listed below as labeled attachments:


  • Resume - CV - Bio (PDF preferred)

  • Artist Statement of Work (Word limit 200)

  • Statement of Need (Word limit 300)
    o Outlining need for grant
    o Outlining the financial Impact of COVID-19 on Artistic Practice

  • Work Samples (2 REQUIRED): IN DIGITAL FORM : images, video, audio, excerpt of script, etc...
    ( if you have difficulty uploading as an attachment to your submission, e mail:




All professional artists are eligible to apply for this one-time grant. A professional artist is defined as a person who, over a sustained period of time. This professional artist is further defined as:

 I: Having created and presented a recognized body of original artwork

(e.g., visual and media artists, composers, choreographers, playwrights, poets, theater/film directors, costume designers, etc.);


II: Having established a career as an interpretive artist

(e.g., actors, musicians, dancers, singers, etc.);


III: One who is striving to achieve the highest level of professional recognition. Professional artists demonstrate a sustained commitment to their artistic work, on an ongoing basis, and pursue this work as a means of livelihood.

•   Applicants must demonstrate a serious and urgent need for

   financial assistance to be considered for this support.

•   Applicants must be over 18 years of age.

•   An Artist with Florida residency will be given special consideration.
Proof of residency may be required.



September 15th 2020

September 30th 2020

at 11:59 PM


Grant award amounts may range from $100 to $500. Applications will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis.

Grants will be reviewed and rewarded on or before 10 days after each application deadline.
Applicants will be contacted via phone once the grant is approved and money will be disbursed with in 3-5 days from notification of award. 

Grants are all subject to the availability of funds. If funds remain available, a third deadline will be announced.



A Complete Grant Package will include the application and the labeled attachments as listed below:


  • Resume or CV or Bio (PDF preferred)

  • Artist Statement (Word limit 200)

  • Total Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Your Artistic Practice

  • Statement of Need (Word limit 300)
    o Outlining need for grant
    o Outlining the financial Impact of COVID-19 on Artistic Practice

  • Work Samples (3 REQUIRED): IN DIGITAL FORM : images, video, audio, excerpt of script, etc...
    ( if you have difficulty uploading as an attachment to your submission, e mail:


Return the Artist Grant Program Package to:

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Bright Future for The Arts in Palm Beach



Art Synergy Aid Fund co-founder and curator of The Box Gallery, Rolando Chang Barrero with the support of the The Cultural Council for Palm Beach County will undertake a critical role in the community.  Art Synergy, The Cultural Council for Palm Beach County and Paul Fisher’s Juried Art Services will gather information and applications from artists in crisis for Art Synergy Aid relief grants. 



with the support of our community leaders and consultants.

Please join our mailing list to receive notices, updates, and alerts.

ART SYNERGY AID: Altruism in Our Community

Palm Beach County artists, arts advocates, and cultural leaders are banding together to maintain the thriving world class reputation of the arts and culture in Palm Beach County. 

Organizers Camilla Webster and Rolando Chang Barrero along with notables: Guy Clark, Bruce Helander, Paul Fisher, Kate Waterhouse, and Elizabeth Hulings will be developing the Art Synergy AID arts auction online. 

As a direct result of the COVID18 pandemic and the extended impact it will have on the Palm Beach County arts and culture due to exhibition cancelations, museum and gallery closures we are creating a viable and sustainable project that can readily adopted nation-wide. Our goal is to support the artists in all media by providing a primary or additional source of income to meet their financial needs and keep them working throughout this crisis.

Additionally we welcome partnerships from all arts organization that are currently providing assistance to Florida visual and performing artists.    

Lost Income Due To COVID-19?
Grants And Resources For Artists And Nonprofits

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